Early Learning Academies

Our Early Learning Academies (learning centers) focus on providing high-quality early childhood education, that prepare children for Kindergarten and helps enable them to succeed in later years (K-12). As the population of children with two working parents grows, so does the demand for childcare where families are engaged in their child’s learning experiences. Parents are increasingly focused on early education rather than simple “day-care” – this secular trend is resulting in a shift in consumer preference towards more educationally focused childcare offerings.

Pansophic has more than 10 Academies in its’ portfolio, that incorporate the latest research about early brain development and unique early childhood needs. This allows us to tailor our curriculum to each child in our learning centers. With years of experience in the sector and ownership of an existing education platform, Pansophic is uniquely positioned to leverage its existing assets to help build a potentially leading provider of early childhood education that exceeds early learning standards for quality education.